OLIS-Actionnaire website security

The security of your personal information and your online activities is of the utmost importance. We apply strict standards and security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Your connection to OLIS-Actionnaire

Required configurations
The OLIS-Actionnaire website has been designed, tested and approved for operation with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Google Chrome 8 and Safari 5.

Protect your password
You will be asked to enter your username and password when you connect to the site. For greater security:
- Only enter your password on the secure authentication page
- Do not keep a written record of your password
- Never communicate your password to a third party
- Regularly change your password.

Connection attempts
We protect your data by monitoring the number of attempts made to access the system. If you or a third party enters the wrong password several times in a row, your account will be blocked. You will need to request a temporary password using the "Problems connecting?" link on the website's homepage.

Session time-out
If no activity is detected by the system for at least 30 minutes, your session will automatically be terminated. This interruption helps protect your account against unauthorized access in the event you leave your personal computer unmonitored, or you forget to end your session upon leaving the website.

System security

The OLIS-Shareholder website uses a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
The encryption process converts your data to a code that protects the confidentiality of your information as it transits between our IT systems and your Internet browser.

You can confirm this encryption process by the presence of an 's' after the 'http' in your navigation bar and a key or padlock icon

A class-3 certificate has been issued by VeriSign for the OLIS-Actionnaire website. Specifications of this certificate online can be viewed online.